Full time
miami 31/07/2017   Full time 20$/h

One year of experience as a Waste Collector, Waste Attendant 1 or Waste Attendant 2 are required. Must possess a CDL/Class B or higher-rated license; OR one year of experience operating medium or heavy duty automotive, or construction equipment, such as a 10 cubic yard (or larger) dump truck, 40 yard roll-off truck, water tank truck, passenger buses or similar equipment are required. Must possess a CDL/Class B or higher-rated license. 

Recruitment Notes 

Qualified applicants will be subject to a screening process including, but not limited to: 
a) Verification of the current status of commercial driver license. 
b) Review of the entire driving record (State of Florida and current/previous employers). 
c) Structured interviews, background checks, employment verification, to include attendance and disciplinary records, and a performance assessment. 

Candidate must be able to work weekends, holidays, various shifts and/or rotating schedules, and at various locations as assigned. Employees in this classification are considered essential employees and are required to work in emergency situations such as Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and other emergencies.