Construction Apprentice Fort Lauderdale

Full time
miami 31/07/2017   Full time 20$/h


Minimum Experience: 5 Years plus 

Minimum Education: High School Diploma / UA Apprenticeship / Tech-Schools 

Certifications: Journeyman HVAC License: Master HVAC License, EPA, CFC Certification, Journeyman: Maintenance, Factory Training. 


  • Ability to read and interpret blue prints and drawings.
  • Lay out, fit, assembles, and installs various pipe systems.
  • Inspects work for correct installation and best practices per specifications.
  • Follows detailed work and plans of installation per Job under Supervisor and Contract schedule and to avoid interfering with activities of other workers.
  • Cuts pipe, using saws, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch, and pipe cutting machine.
  • Threads pipe, using pipe threading machine.
  • Bends pipe, using pipe bending tools and pipe bending machine.
  • Assembles and installs variety of metal and nonmetal pipes, tubes, and fittings, including steel, copper, HDPE and PVC.
  • Connects pipes, using threaded, Grooved, soldered, brazed, fused, and hand tools.
  • Secures pipes to structure with brackets, anchors, Pipe Stands, clamps, and hangers, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Installs HVAC components and equipment, such as but not limited to Chillers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Pumps, Air Handlers, Fan Coils, VAV s using hand tools.
  • Able to assist in testing of pipe system and observe connected pressure gauge to test system for leaks. Repairs leaks and/or voids as required by specifications and/or Company.


Each Service/Field employee has a responsibility for their own safety, the safety of their co-workers, and the community in which they are operating. 

Check in with building personnel before performing work. 

In the performance of your duties and responsibilities, you are expected to observe all safety, health, and loss prevention rules, practices, and procedures, as well as specific instructions related to the safe and efficient performance of your work. 

Service Technicians/Field employees must wear all Personal Protective Equipment required for the safe performance of the job. 

An effective and viable safety, health, and loss prevention program will be attained only when all employees are safety conscious and keenly aware, both mentally and physically, of the potential hazards of your environment. 

Notify Manager immediately in the event of an accident - property or injury. 

Service Technicians/Field employees are empowered to stop any unsafe actions. Field Employee must notify foreman or supervisor immediately. If at a customer's job, the environment or process is unsafe, the Technician must call dispatch or Service Manager to explain unsafe conditions before proceeding. 

Service Technicians/Field employees must attend safety related meetings as required. 

Construction Journeyman - THE CHAMP WAY 

Care - Build Long Term Relationships 

• Handle all developing relationship interactions in a manner designed to build a long term relationship. 

• Build strong relationships with other departments within Hill York.