Utilities Network Crewmember

Full time
$17.03 - $29.31 Hourly
boca-raton 03/08/2017   Full time $17.03 - $29.31 Hourly
Works as part of a crew that inspects, installs, repairs and/or replaces, maintains, and constructs water and sewer lines, lift station appurtenances, and related facilities;
Repairs and replaces fire hydrants;
Repairs and replaces valves;
Repairs manholes;
Locates and raises meters and valves;
Installs, replaces, and removes water meters;
Televises sewer lines and documents information;
Reviews sewer videos for infiltration, blockages, deflections, breaks, and lateral information;
Repairs and maintains pumps, valves, blowers, filters, screens, emergency motors, generators, and other equipment;
Pulls pumps and replaces seals and impellers;
Repairs line leaks; installs meters; replaces box rim lids; removes water meters for nonpayment of bills;
Changes meters; repairs meter leaks; performs water pressure tests;
Locates lines and main service lines for contractors and other utility companies; and
Picks up supplies and materials; stocks truck with parts and supplies.
Dislodge sewer line blockages;
Performs landscaping and surface restoration at job site;
May operate trucks, tapping machines, TV line equipment, and other equipment in connection with above tasks;
Installs backflow prevention devices on water meters;
Inform residents and customers of precautionary boil water notices;
Conducts fire hydrant flushing;
Paints interior and exterior of lift stations;
Reads utility plans and atlases;
May be required to work overtime and/or be on call;
Documents work activities;
Reads meters and gauges;
Perform confined space entry; and
Performs related tasks as required.
General knowledge of the tools, materials, and equipment used in the installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair of water and sewer lines; general knowledge of a variety of maintenance and manual tasks involved in the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of water and sewer lines and appurtenances; general knowledge of the repair and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components of lift stations; general knowledge of the use of common hand and power tools; some knowledge of the safe use and operation and preventive maintenance of common automotive and mechanical equipment; ability to follow oral and written directions; ability to perform manual and semiskilled labor for extended periods, often under adverse conditions.
Possess a High School diploma or GED or have the ability to obtain the educational equivalent within the first twelve (12) months of employment. Experience in maintenance, repair and/or construction of water and/or sewer lines and/or lift stations maintenance preferred.


Any educational achievement obtained during the first twelve (12) months of employment must meet the standards recognized by the FDEP for eligibility to sit for the Water Distribution Operator's examination administered by the State of Florida.

Failure to obtain the required educational qualification within the first twelve (12) months of employment will result in unsuccessfully completing the required probationary period.